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Yes, we are looking for team members on our site. Please Note: We do not pay you, it is for experience and practice (although we do want people with good English grades). To apply go to the our-team page on our main site and fill in the form!

    Overall rules


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    Overall rules

    Post by Kaos on Sat 26 Feb - 0:38

    The rules for everything on our forums are:

    1. We are here for games and entertainment. You can talk about anything but adult material (p***), illegal material (drug dealing, illegal money, piracy) and other things framed inappropriate by the mods. If you violate this rule you will get a warning the first time, if it happens again you will receive a permanent IP ban and, if serious, will be investigated.

    2. ROM's and emulation are not illegal, as long as you have the game and system. Thus emulation can be disscused, however no links are allowed.

    3. Everyones opinion is valued, this means that no one is to abuse (in the eyes of the mods not the 'victim') someone for their opinion. You are allowed to disagree with someone and you are allowed to voice your own but not allowed to personally abuse someone.

    4. What the mods/admin say's is final. If you want to appeal a dissicion contact the admin (on the footer of every page) and appeal. Once you have appealed once you CAN NOT appeal again.

    5. Enjoy the forums

    6. No trolling

    7. No excessive spamming

    8. Mods and the Admin remain the final arbiter on all things. We will deal with all problems appropriately. This also gives us the power to punish if we feel that something is indecent but not covered by the above rules.

    Please remember that mods are people too, we only enforce the rules and don't make them. The admin has made these rules in compliance with forumotion's rules. He has also made them a bit looser. We are here to give you a good experience!

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