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    Rank and group system explained.


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    Rank and group system explained.

    Post by Kaos on Thu 27 Jan - 11:36

    Here at LNGU Forums we have two systems of ranking, Ranks an groups. The ranks are determined by the number of posts (1, 25, 50, 75 and 100 are the number of posts per rank) this is to know how much you contribute. Groups are determined by three factors, the main ones are beginner, intermediate, advanced and elite all of which are determained by the number of points you have (check groups for denominations). The other two are moderators pick (competition winners/good forum members) and trust worthy ones (people with a good reputation).

    Points are gained by winning competitions, voting and posting. Reputation is gained by the thanks button and ratings. Each group has special forums (other than moderators pick who have full access for there time in the group). Your name color also changes with your rank (check the key on the home page for colors).

    Finally, please PM the group moderator you are eligible for to get in. They will then check you out and then decide whether you are in or out!

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    Post by somerandomguy442 on Fri 4 Feb - 5:33

    Thanks, this really helped clarify some loose ends! lol! king

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